Virtual Token

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Virtual Token Economy is a virtual economy where teachers and students can interact by the teacher giving or removing points from students. Students then can redeem points for rewards and prizes. Virtual Token is comprised of 3 main applications, the student application is an iOS app that students can download and use to redeemed rewards, view their current point total, and review redeemed rewards. The teacher application is also an iOS app that allows for the teacher to be able to view all students in their class, give tokens to individual student, give tokens to entire class, view requested rewards, and view reward history for each student in their class. The final application that makes up the Virtual Token Economy is a web application that allows teachers and administrators to manage all aspects of the Virtual Economy and also run detailed reports about how students and teachers are using the applications.

  • Using
    • Objective C
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
  • Client

    University of Memphis