There are a number of ways students can become involved with the Agile Software Factory. Below are a number of options, but participation isn’t just limited to these options. Students who would like to work with the Agile Software Factory can contact us at

Undergraduate Students

There are two common ways for undergraduate students to work with the Agile Software Factory:

  • Computer Science courses

    The primary method for students to become involved in the ASF is by taking one of the BGSU Computer Science classes that uses our projects in their coursework. Classes that may use one of our projects:

    • CS 4540: Software Engineering Project
    • CS 3140: Web Application Development
    • CS 3160: Windows Application Development
  • Part-time employment

    The Agile Software Factory is actively soliciting money from the community to provide opportunities for interested students to work on a project as a part-time job during the year. These opportunities are subject to project and financial availability.

    Any undergraduate student who wants to participate in an Agile Software Factory project should have completed CS 2010, CS 2020, and CS 3540. A student should also be familiar with the basics of software development and writing software.

Graduate Students

Graduate students attending BGSU and pursuing a degree in Computer Science have more opportunities to work on projects with the Agile Software Factory:

  • Computer Science courses

    Like undergraduate students, grad students have the opportunity to work on ASF projects in their classes:

    • CS 5540: Software Engineering Project
    • CS 6640: Software Engineering
  • Assistantships or part-time employment

    Graduate students also have the opportunity to work on projects that are sponsored by community partners. In this case, it may be as an assistantship or as part-time employment. A sponsored project as an assistantship is subject to the same requirements as other BGSU assistantships. Sponsored projects are dependent on both project and financial availability.

  • Final graduate project

    Graduate students can choose to work on an ASF project as a final graduate project. It is subject to all of the conditions of a final graduate project and to availability of suitable projects.