• What is the process to ask ASF to create a software system for me?

    To submit a request for software development, please use the online form on the Submit a Proposal page of this site. Simply complete the required sections of the form, click Submit, and we will respond to your request within a week.

  • Do you work only with non-profit organizations?

    The ASF works with both non-profit and for-profit organizations. We work with both types of organizations according to their needs and resources. Only non-profit organizations are eligible for the opportunity to participate in our service-learning classes.

  • What year does a student have to be in before he or she can work with the ASF?

    A student doesn’t need to be a particular year (e.g., junior, senior) before working with the ASF. However, due to the pre-requisites for enrolling in the service-learning courses that work with the ASF and the prerequisites for working part-time with the ASF, most students who work with the ASF are undergraduate seniors or graduate students.

  • Can a student’s work with the ASF be counted as an internship or co-op?

    Internships and co-ops also provide valuable hands-on learning that comes only with working on real-world projects. The ASF welcomes the opportunity to work with student interns to benefit both the student and ASF. Qualified interns will preferably have senior or junior standing and good programming skills. If you would like to intern with the ASF, please email your application and a copy of your resume to agile@bgsu.edu.